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Heavy Bus Driver, United Arab Emirates

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Job Title: Heavy Bus Driver
Job Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates 
Company: Undisclsoed
Date Posted: 15 - October - 2017 
  • Transport people from one place to another on a transit bus.
  • Operate bus by applying brakes, starting and stopping engine.
  • Drive regular routes on a schedule.
  • Announce next destinations.
  • Salary 2200 to 2500 plus accommodation and transportation
  • Benefits to be discuss in person
  • From Asian nationality Indian, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri lanka and Philippine.
  • Pakistan from pathan area please don’t apply.
Job Summary
  1. Responsible for transporting people from one place to another for work, errands, school, or other reasons. 
  2. Takes fares from passengers, issues receipts, announces routes, and ensures passengers get out safely.

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