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Security Guard, United Arab Emirates

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Job Title: Security Guard
Job Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 
Company: Undisclsoed
Date Posted: 11 - November - 2017 
  • Extends assistance to the Security Dept. in the main gate and inside the camp and responds promptly to employee/workers requests relating to safety and security.
  • Follow established procedures and guidelines to maintain the safety and security of the organisation’s employees, clients, visitors, and property.
  • Checking all workers in the plant if they are complying with safety instructions i.e. wearing of PPEs.
  • Check and ensure sufficiency of safety items (fire extinguisher, first aid kit, etc.) required in the plant and labour camp.
  • Prepare and handle daily Attendance Sheet for the plant and get signature from each worker.
  • Perform regular rounds (day and night) in the plant and labour accommodation and ensure that workers signed on the attendance sheet are on duty.
  • Giving assistance in operating the finger print machine in the plant.
  • Execute all orders given by the Security Supervisor / Admin Supervisor.

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