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Electrician, United Arab Emirates

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Job Title: Electrician
Job Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Company: Undisclosed
Date Posted: 2 - November - 2017 
  • Electrical Industrial Training certificate with at least Five (5) years of practical  experience in electrical installations. 
  • People with experience in utility/ infrastructure industry experience preferred. 
  • Experience in building  electrical works also considered.
  • Shall be able to understand Electrical drawings.
  • Shall be English literate
Field of work: 
  1. Electrical works related to utilities/Pumping stations etc, Building works.
  2. Electrical Installations of Control Panels, Switchgears/DB’s, Capacitor banks etc
  3. Installation of Power and control/instrumentation cables along with glanding, termination to DB’s/ Control panels/ equipments
  4. Installation of Cable trays, ducts/conduits etc
  5. Trouble shooting/ maintenance of electrical systems.

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