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Commis Waiter, United Arab Emirates

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Job Title: Commis Waiter
Job Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates 
Company: Unknown
Date Posted: 18 - November - 2017 
  • Assist waiters in taking and relaying orders to the kitchen. Place new table cloths, plates, cutlery and glasses. Clean and sanitize tables, chairs and counters.
  • Fill and refill water glasses or beverages. Assist waiters in serving food and beverages to customers.
  • Greet customers and help them by finding tables that are to their liking.
  • Clean and maintain order trolleys and pedestal tables. Clean and polish cutleries and handle filling of sugar pots, mustard jars and toothpick holders.
  • Maintain supply of clean linen and paper napkins. Prepare coffee and tea for orders that require simple recipes.
  • Serve appetizers and remove appetizer plates to make way for entrees.
  • Replace or clean ashtrays in smoking areas of the restaurant. Clean and sanitize restaurant floors and set up “wet floor” signs when appropriate.
  • Carry food items from the kitchen or bar to the customers. Clear plates and replace them with fresh ones on nights when buffet is served.
  • Clear away all dirty items from customers’ tables and deliver them to the washing area.
  • Keep sideboard stocked up with fresh plates, cutlery, glasses, napkins, toothpicks and condiment bottles and jars.
  • Distribute food checks to the kitchen after ensuring that correct table numbers are mentioned on them.
  • Assist cashier in creating bills by providing accurate order information.

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