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Senior Civil Engineer, United Arab Emirates

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Job Title: Senior Civil Engineer
Job Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates 
Company: Construction
Date Posted: 26 - October - 2017 
  • Assess project and its requirements.
  • Assess the impact and feasibility of site due diligence, preliminary layout and up to the final engineering design.
  • Prepare architectural drawings and schematic designs based on project requirements.
  • Study and assess drawings, plans, specifications and other documents relating to construction projects.
  • Determine budget, project schedules and scope of work and deploy appropriate staff.
  • Direct, lead and support other engineering and skilled personnel in managing and executing multiple tasks and projects.
  • Lead and direct onsite construction teams.
  • Collaborate and interact with construction teams, architects and outside project developers and consultants.
  • Manage deliverable on time and within the budget.
  • Initiate and ensure standard civil engineering discipline in drawings and plans including geotechnical, wind and hydrology analyses.
  • Adhere to the best practices, standards and procedures of the company.
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