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Derrickman, United Arab Emirates

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Job Title: Derrickman
Job Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 
Company: Undisclosed
Date Posted: 24 - August - 201
  • works on the derrick to pull and run in the drill string
  • attends mud systems on rigs and checks mud properties on regular basis
  • mixes chemicals and transfers to and from various tanks & filters
  • inspects the draw works, derrick mast, crown block
  • participates in running casing, cementing, and wire-line operations
    1. Salary: minimum AED1,200 – maximum AED3,500 (depending on position)
    2. Benefits: yearly or twice yearly (depending on position) round-trip ticket to home country
    3. food, accommodation, transportation provided
    If qualified, send your CV and certifications/licenses to: and type in the particular position you’re applying for as the subject of your email.

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