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HR Manager, United Arab Emirates

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Job Title: HR Manager
Job Location: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Company: Looking for experienced HR Manager to join our company 
Date Posted: 12 - June - 2017 
  • Consults and maintains the issues with Labor according to UAE labor law.
  • Investigates and advice about the best ways in HRM Technologies.
  • Prepares training programs matching with to improve the qualifications of the staff.
  • Provides us the successions plan about the company in long run
  •  Maintains appraisal of employees about work results under the specifications of job descriptions for all employees.
  • Sets and prepares all process and procedures under labor law
  • Develops HR Corporate strategy (initiatives – procedures).
  • Sets annual leave plan for all the company employees according to the company tasks & projects.
  • Restructuring the hierarchy and organization chart.
  • 7+ years minimum job experience
Roles & Responsibilities:
  1. Plans, organizes and controls all activities of the department. Participates in developing department goals, objectives, and systems
  2. Implements and annually updates the compensation program; rewrites job descriptions as necessary; conducts annual salary surveys and develops merit pool.
  3. Conducts recruitment effort, new-employee orientations; monitors career-path program.
  4. Establishes and maintains department records and reports.
if you have the above qualifications please send your cv to, please mention the subject HR MANAGER.
Note: CV’s who are not related to the said post will be considered as Rejected.

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