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Finance Manager, United Arab Emirates

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Job Title: Finance Manager
Job Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates 
Company: Finance manager is responsible for providing financial guidance and support to clients and colleagues so they can make sound business decisions. In addition, care must be taken to ensure that financial practices are in line with all statutory legislation and regulations. Financial managers may also be known as financial analysts or business analysts. 
Date Posted: 30 - June - 2017 
  • MBA Finance/ACCA
  • 3-4 Years’ Experience.
Job Description as follows:
  1. Providing and interpreting financial information.
  2. Monitoring and interpreting cash flows and predicting future trends.
  3. Analyzing change and advising accordingly.
  4. Formulating strategic and long-term business plans.
  5. Researching and reporting on factors influencing business performance.
  6. Analyzing competitors and market trends.
  7. Developing financial management mechanisms that minimize financial risk.
  8. Conducting reviews and evaluations for cost-reduction opportunities.
  9. Managing a company’s financial accounting, (book keeping), monitoring and reporting systems (Quarterly basis Reports).
  10. Taxation and file return submission timely.
  11. Developing external relationships with appropriate contacts, e.g. Suppliers, Clients, Bankers and Statutory organizations such as the Inland Revenue.
  12. Producing accurate financial reports to specific deadlines.
  13. Managing budgets.
  14. Keeping abreast of changes in financial regulations and legislation.
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