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Fabrication Engineer, United Arab Emirates

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Job Title: Fabrication Engineer
Job Location: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Company: Undisclosed
Date Posted: 09 - June - 2017 
  • Ideally BE (Mechanical) with 2-3 years of work experience are preferred. However Graduates with 4-5 yrs of good experience in the field of fabrication work are also welcome to apply.
  1. Analyze all root causes for all fabrication issues and resolve same and implement all new process tools according to required order.
  2. Coordinate with technicians and provide support to all teams and maintain quality of all work processes in systems.
  3. Manage all communication with supervisors and ensure efficiency of all fabrication process and resolve all issues.
  4. Design various ideas for all ladders and gantries and prepare detail drawings for all fabrication processes.
  5. Prepare estimates and quotes for all supply materials and assist to fabricate and weld all products.
  6. Plan all materials for new products and ensure optimal utilization of all resources and administer product orders and ensure compliance to all timeframe for all fabricated products.
  7. Coordinate with sales team and prepare all product designs and develop products.
  8. Assist factory manager and prepare reports on regular basis after final inspections.
  9. Manage and reconcile all work orders with help of vendors and prepare required drawing and evaluate all welding joints.
  10. Maintain quality for all fabrication from conceptualization to implementation and perform inspection for all painting and sandblast.
  11. Provide support to all total productive maintenance programs and design all fabrication processes and appropriate schedules.
Note : Those applicants interested and fulfilling the above criteria may contact : 052 9664018

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