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Electrical Technician, United Arab Emirates

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Job Title: Electrical Technician
Job Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 
Company: Al Makamin Commercial Projects Co Ltd 
Date Posted: 04 - May - 2017 
  • Completion of Technical Secondary (12 Years) education followed by 1 year Diploma in Electrical equipment maintenance.
  • 5 Years’ experience in the installation, maintenance and repair of high and low voltage power equipment, associated controls, motor starters and plant electrical distribution system, preferably in an oil/gas or petrochemical industry.
  • Fair knowledge of English language.
Purpose of Job:
  1. For Power & Utilities Area Carries out the skilled installation, maintenance and repair of a wide range of high and low voltage equipment and associated systems such as generators, motors, transformers, uninterrupted power systems (UPS), rectifiers, batteries, desalinators, switch gears, fire fighting systems, control panels and substations.

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